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Motorcycle Cover - Installation Guide

In this installation guide, we will show you what all included with your Motorcycle Cover, quick and easy installation instructions, and some frequently asked questions.

What's Included in the Box

  • 1 x Motorcycle Cover
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Straps and Buckles sewn in the middle to the cover

How to Install your Motorcycle Cover

Unfold and position the front of the cover on the motorcycle. Starting with the front headlight area, pull down over the windshield and tuck the elastic hem under the headlight. Next, you work toward the rear of the motorcycle and slide the cover down the sides, avoiding snag points. Position the cover around the rear of the motorcycle. Secure belly strap underneath the motorcycle.


  • Do NOT cover a wet motorcycle.
  • Do NOT cover a hot tail pipe.
  • Do NOT cover a motorcycle on a hot engine Let the motorcycle cool down before installing the Cover.

How to Remove your Motorcycle Cover

To remove your motorcycle cover, simply reverse the how to install process above and return the cover back in the storage bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to know which side is the FRONT of the cover?

    All our covers come with a white tag labeled "FRONT". Note: in the event the tag is not labeled front it is still the front of the cover.

  • How to wash my cover?

    The cover can be washed either by hand (recommended) or by washing machine. To wash the cover by hand, simply install the cover on your motorcycle and use a water hose to remove all the contaminants, then use a cloth with any multi-purpose cleaner to wash the cover. Apply the water again, then use a dry cloth or towel to dry out the cover or simply let it air dry.

    To wash your cover in the washing machine, use gentle mode if available with only cold water and simple green, dilute 1/4 cup in 1 cup of water. Note: Never use bleach or fabric softener.

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