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Folding Pop-up Camper Trailer Cover - Installation Guide

In this installation guide, we will show you what's included with your Folding Popup Camper Trailer Cover, how to install and remove it the fast way, and some frequently asked questions.

What's Included

  • 1 x Folding Popup Camper Trailer Cover
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Repair Patch
  • 1 x Weighted Buckles Bag

How to Install your Folding Popup Camper Trailer Cover

  • STEP 1: Find the Front Label Tag (On occasion, it may not say front, but the tag will still be what determines the front.) roll up the cover. Place the rolled-up cover onto the trailer. We recommend starting from the rear of the vehicle and rolling the cover with the label to the front of the car.
  • STEP 2: Position the cover centrally to ensure the cover is in line with the center of the trailer. Open the cover and pull down over the side. Repeat for the other side.
  • STEP 3: Repeat step 2 for the rear of the trailer. Adjust the cover where necessary as you go until the cover is in position. Once the rear is secured, go around the trailer and pull gently to adjust the fit to your satisfaction.
  • STEP 4: Finally, secure the bottom and middle straps and buckles. Use the weighted buckle bag to help toss the straps beneath Your RV.
  • STEP 5: There you have it; your cover fits perfectly and you did a great job.

How to Remove your Folding Popup Camper Trailer Cover

To remove your Folding Popup Camper Trailer Cover, simply reverse the how to install process above and return the cover back to the storage bag. To easily fit your cover in the storage bag, fold and roll it tightly rather than stuffing it.

Important: Do NOT store a wet cover in the storage bag or confined area as the cover can be damaged by mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I measure my Folding Popup Camper?

    Length: Measure the longest two points from the front to the rear of the camper, including the spare tire and ladder. Always excluding the hitch and tongue of the camper!

    Height: Measure the camper sidewalls from the highest point at the roofline down to the outside frame. Exclude ground clearance, roof-mounted accessories, vents, and A/C units. If your trailer does have an air conditioner, and the height measurement (excluding the A/C unit) is within 4 inches of the end of the scale given for the cover you are looking at, it is recommended that you go to the next bigger size to account for the air conditioner.

  • How to know what is the front of the cover?

    All our covers come with a white tag labeled "FRONT". Note: in the event, the tag is not labeled front it is still the front of the cover.

  • How to use the weighted buckles bag?

    The bag has a black buckle which the straps can attach to. Simply fill the bag with rocks or sand and use to toss the straps underneath the RV.

    All our RV covers come with one weighted buckle bag. Additional weighted buckles bags can be purchase on our site. Click Here.

  • How to wash my cover?

    The cover can be washed either by hand (recommended) or by washing machine. To wash the car cover by hand, simply install the cover on your vehicle and use a water hose to remove all the contaminants, then use a cloth with any multi-purpose cleaner to wash the cover. Apply the water again, then use a dry cloth or towel to dry out the cover or simply let it air dry.

    To wash your cover in the washing machine, use gentle mode if available with only cold water and simple green, dilute 1/4 cup in 1 cup of water. Note: Never use bleach or fabric softener.

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