The Only Buyer's Guide You Need for the Best Car Covers in 2024

Your car does so much more than get you from Point A to Point B. It's at the center of all your family vacations, road trips with friends, and picking up your mother-in-law from the airport. From commuting to work to providing a safe space to do your own car karaoke, your vehicle does so much for you through rain and shine, and it deserves the best car cover for its efforts.

We've delved into our stock to provide you with the ultimate guide for the best car covers in 2024. In this blog, you'll find the factors you need to consider when purchasing a cover for your car; from the best outdoor car cover to vehicle covers for cars tucked up tight in garages, we've got your vehicle covered.

Our Methodology

We pored over the stock in our warehouse to handpick the best car covers to base our findings on, and our team of experts used them on our very own cars in a range of makes and models for a week in July 2023 and then again in December to test the all-weather car cover options' mettle against snow, rain, bitter cold, extreme heat, and sun, moisture build-up, and dust.

Our team dedicated hours of research to this project to ensure we provide the accurate and best info for anyone looking to protect their pride and joy.

We tested out multiple factors that all combine to make the best car cover, including UV protection, paint job protection, water resistant capabilities, how well the cover performs against weather like high winds and heavy rain, and the durable fabric choices available to resist tears and scratches.

We also looked at tens of thousands of reviews from customers for each type of cover to make sure you were getting the best quality and price possible for every make and model out there, including material, fit, and ease of use and installation.

Best Overall Car Cover for Any Car Type

Your vehicle should be protected, regardless of make, model, and size. When you're choosing your cover, you need to know all the facts before you pay the price, including how well the cover will perform in outdoor and indoor locations. Mother Nature can affect your car regardless of whether your vehicle shelters inside a cozy garage, sits on a driveway, or is parked on the road. Even light hail, bird droppings, and tree sap can be detrimental to your vehicle's finish.

We're here to clear up any doubts you have about the best outdoor car cover and indoor car cover for you, and the benefits they provide to your car, whether it's a Bugatti, a BMW, or a Buick.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Car Covers

Indoor car covers;are designed to defend your vehicle from dust, damp, and mildew, which can form on stationary cars. As these car covers don't need to be protected from weather effects, they are usually the most affordable option for many drivers. As garages are a luxury that may not be long-term if you move house, a good car cover is a sound investment if your vehicle is due to be parked outside in the near future.

Indoor car covers provide dust and mildew protection for vehicles that are stagnant for long periods. Just because you aren't driving your car doesn't mean it shouldn't receive the same love and care as a car you use every day.

Outdoor car covers;are built to be the hardier option for those vehicles that sit outside and may suffer damage from the elements. Outdoor car covers utilize straps underneath to secure the cover, protecting it from blowing away in strong winds or being lashed by heavy rain or hail. Outdoor covers aren't only for bad weather; they also protect against UV rays, which may damage the exterior layer over time.

An outdoor car cover is built to be hardier than an indoor car cover, and are typically more secure to protect against windy weather, storms, and heavy snowfall. Investing in a good outdoor car cover is crucial to defend your car against bad weather, especially if you live somewhere where six inches of snow is typical for winter. Hot weather can also be a detriment, as UV protection is key to protecting the outer layer of your car's paint.

Best Overall Water Proof Car Cover

A sport car with a water prof car cover.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for:

  • Waterproof cover
  • Protection from trapped moisture
  • Defence against the elements
  • Functionality to dry quickly

The Gold Shield 5L is the gold standard of car covers, and while many other waterproof car covers are not breathable and, therefore, trap moisture, damaging your ride, this one does not and is by far the best waterproof cover around. With a custom fit for every vehicle type, this cover is crafted to withstand severe rainstorms with 100% breathable and water-resistant material to keep your car in the best condition possible. The snug covering wraps around the bottom of your car, meaning no moisture can find its way in, with a soft interior lining of fleece material that protects the paint and finish of your car.

Best Overall Indoor Car Cover

A classic car with an indoor car cover.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for:

  • Protection against dust
  • Scratch shielding
  • Garage storage

The Black Satin BL is the best indoor car cover, providing the best defense for your vehicle inside. Choosing to store your car in a parking garage means you've probably got a nice car that you want to shield from prying eyes with ulterior motives. Indoor covers may seem unnecessary, but plenty of damage can still befall your car even when inside. Dirt, dust, and damp are the top three offenders when it comes to protecting your car indoors, as they can all contribute to scratches to, paintwork, and blemishes to the finish of your vehicle.

Where the Black Satin BL really shines for indoor car cover protection is the fabric, where a soft layer of silky smooth fabric with a glossy finish preserves the detailing, keeping it looking box fresh for years. The elastic hem ensures a correct fit every time. Car covers for indoor still need to protect your ride from scrapes and bumps that could be sustained when parking in a tight space.

Best Overall Outdoor Car Cover

All purpose car cover outdoor and indoor features.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for:

  • All-Purpose Cover
  • Protection against damage from rain, hail, snow, and sun
  • Professional defense against the elements

The Gold Shield 5L car cover is the best outdoor car cover on the market - and we've tested it thoroughly against all the weather conditions you might come up against, and this covering and its material quality are top of the scoreboard every time. Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is important, and outdoor car covers are a sound investment even if you generally park inside.

A durable outdoor cover is useful to store in your car when traveling, so you can continue your road trip without de-icing, brushing off dust, or excess moisture, and it may be the best option in the long run. Outdoor car covers aren't just for protection against cold weather effects like snow and ice; they are also essential for defense against UV rays and intense heat, which can damage both the inner and outer layer of your car. Exposure to the elements can fade your car's paint or rot rubber seals due to heat.

Our Official Ranking of the Best Car Covers

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If you're ready to keep your ride protected, it's time to check out all the details for the top car covers. Whether you've got a Volkswagen or a Lexus, your car deserves the best.;Compare car covers;with quality guaranteed, including free shipping and free storage bags for every order.

We cover everything from Chryslers to Citroens, so no matter the make and model, your ride will be sheltered from harmful weather, theft from prying eyes, and protected from all manner of nature's damaging flora and fauna.

Countless hours of research and rigorous note-taking went into providing you with this expert ranking of the best car cover options.

1: The Gold Standard (Gold Shield 5L)

A sport car with the gold shield 5L car cover in a luxury garage.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key Features:

  • Durable fabric
  • Protective material
  • Build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty


The Gold Shield 5L's material is durable and thoughtfully designed to shield the finish and car's paint job, so you can rest easy when you park up for the night. With 5 bounded layers of resistant material, the Gold Shield 5L car cover protects against rain, snow, ice, high winds, and UV rays. The five breathable layers comprise a durable outer layer, protective inner layers, a water-resistant layer, and a super soft fleece lining. Three layers are made of Polypropylene PLUS, which offers the best all-weather water protection.

Custom Fit

This car cover offers a perfect fit every time, thanks to an elastic hem and mirror pockets that fit snugly around your vehicle. Extra buckles and straps are attached to the cover in the front and rear to guarantee an extra tight fit, protecting from dust and moisture.

Protective Quality

The five layers of protective material guarantee extreme weather protection and defense against damage from pets and wildlife. The micro-porous layer is breathable, preventing rot, mildew, and oxidation, meaning the cover will not stretch or shrink over time. Reinforced grommets built into the cover also secure your cover from theft.

Ease Of Use

The Gold Shield 5L car cover is easy to install with only one person and can be secured in less than 30 seconds. This car cover is also machine washable and quick drying and comes with a free lock and cable for extra security, an antenna patch to prevent damage, and a free storage bag for tucking it away for future use.

2: Black Satin (Black Satin BL)

The black satin BL car cover in a outdoor garage.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key Features:

  • Best indoor car cover
  • Protection against dust, dirt, and scratches
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Contoured fit


The Black Satin BL is the ultimate solution for your car cover needs, protecting the finish and paint of your vehicle with a gentle touch. Composed of one layer of super soft satin in a breathable material in a timeless black reflective color, the Black Satin BL is our top pick for indoor use only.

Custom Fit

This car cover is guaranteed to fit your vehicle like a glove, with a slight stretch to the fabric providing a contoured and snug fit. The durable double-stitched seams and elastic hem and lining in the front and back make it easy to protect your vehicle even when putting it in a garage overnight.

Protective Quality

The Black Satin BL car cover is perfect for protection against dust, pet damage, scrapes, and scratches to the paint and finish. As this is for indoor cover, it is not recommended to subject this car cover to the elements.

Ease Of Use

With installation by one person easily done in under 30 seconds, the Black Satin BL can be secured quickly and safely. This cover also comes with a free bag and antenna patch, so your car can benefit from the best indoor car cover around with zero leakage and excellent storage.

3: The Silver Standard (Silver Shield 3L)

A sport car with a fancy silver standard shield 3L.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Key Features:

  • Weather protection
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Indoor and outdoor protection


The Silver Shield 3L is ideal for all weather car cover, guaranteeing the safety of your car. Made up of three layers of quality durable material including a Micro-Porous film, enveloping your car while allowing it to breathe. The layers are 100% waterproof and water repellent, including two layers of Polypropylene PLUS for the best all-weather water protection.

Custom Fit

The Silver Shield 3L Car Cover is designed to fit your car perfectly, regardless of the make and model. Thanks to the elastic lining in the front and back of the cover, as well as buckles and straps, it's guaranteed to be an extra tight and snug fit every time.

Protective Quality

The Silver Shield 3L is designed to offer top-quality protection whether you need defense against outdoor conditions or indoor storage. Three layers of protection make up this excellent car cover, designed to be 100% water resistant. The breathable layer of micro-porous film prevents mildew and rotting from unwanted condensation, as well as stretching or shrinking of the fabric. Normal and typical weather condition protection is guaranteed, including defense against rain and wind and added UV protection.

Ease Of Use

Installation is simple with all our car covers and can be done in under 30 seconds. The elastic lining hugs the body of your car, fitting snugly every time. At a weight of only six pounds, the Silver Shield 3L car cover is also easy to carry and store and comes with a free antenna patch and bag.

4: The Bronze Standard (Bronze Shield 2L)

A sport car with the bronze standard shield 2L.

Our Official Rating: ⭐⭐

Key Features:

  • Lightweight material
  • Perfect fit
  • Indoor protection
  • 3-Year Warranty


The Bronze Shield 2L is the perfect lightweight choice for indoor car cover with two layers of incredibly durable Polypropylene PLUS to guard your vehicle indoors. The material is also machine-washable (or can be washed by hand), enabling you to clean your cover easily when needed.

Custom Fit

The Bronze Shield 2L Car Cover offers a perfect fit that covers your vehicle snugly, preventing any damage from occurring even when storing your car indoors. The elastic hem and added reinforced grommets built into the cover on the left and right sides make for a snug and safe fit every time.

Protective Quality

The cover protects against dirt, dust, and scratches, as well as mildew and damp, ensuring your car stays pristine for as long as possible. Bronze Shield 2L also helps prevent scratches and bumps from falling objects in your garage, curious pets, or a tight squeeze next to other cars.

Ease Of Use

Install in half a minute with the lightweight Bronze Shield 2L car cover which only weights four pounds, and can be easily carried and fitted with free antenna patch and bag included in the price. The Bronze Shield 2L is perfect for traveling and commuting, as you can easily transport the lightweight cover and install it in less than 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts has gathered all the details you need to choose the perfect car cover that will protect your vehicle from weather, dust, pets, and scratches so your car looks showroom-new for as long as possible. Whether you store your vehicle outside, on a driveway or street parking, or indoors in a garage, there's a car cover for you that will protect you for an extended period in this guide.

With, every order comes with free shipping, a free storage bag, and an antenna patch to ensure zero leakage, regardless of price. Free shipping within the USA and Canada is offered as standard, and you will be provided with a tracking number for your reference.

All our car covers also come with a warranty (lifetime, 5-year, or 3-year). The warranties safeguard you against the unlikely event of your cover incurring defects, stains, rips, tears, and fading. In this event, we will provide a replacement free of charge.

Now you're well-equipped with all the information you need on the best outdoor car cover and indoor car cover from;, all that's left to do is search for your year, make, model, and trim, and choose the right car cover for you and your vehicle.

Best Car Covers FAQs

Why should I use a car cover?

Whether you drive your vehicle every day or leave it in your garage for weeks on end - a covered car is a protected car. Investing in a car cover means your vehicle is shielded from the effects of the elements, both indoors and outdoors. Shield your car from heavy rain and snow damaging the finish of your paint and from dust scratching the finish.

It isn't just cold and windy weather you need protection from - UV protection is also key to maintaining your vehicle's finish and pristine condition. An all-weather car cover is useful to have in your arsenal of car accessories for commuting, traveling, and vacations.

What type of car cover is best?

There are plenty of excellent car covers out there, but the covers that are certified as the best for indoor, outdoor, and waterproof covers have been;covered;in this guide. The Gold Shield 5L is the gold standard and offers the best overall cover for your vehicle, rain or shine. Protect your pride and joy with an all-weather car cover that is guaranteed to shield your car from damage with a lifetime warranty.

For indoor-only use, consider the Black Satin BL, with a super soft, breathable black satin layer that protects your car's paint and finish, as well as shields against scratches, dust, and minor scrapes.

What is the best material to cover a car with?

There are many fabrics and quality material covers out there, but we recommend choosing a car cover with the most layers possible for maximum protection. The Gold Shield 5L features five layers, three of which are made of Polypropylene PLUS, which offers the best all-weather water protection.

For indoor use, the Black Satin BL car cover is ideal. Defend your car from dust, moisture, and other debris in super soft satin, crafted with two layers of Polypropylene PLUS.

Are car covers good or bad for your car?

Storing your car outside may be the only option, but shielding it from harm is not. Defend your vehicle from sunlight, ice, sap, and bird droppings, as well as provide UV protection with durable fabric. Just because your vehicle is parked in a garage doesn't mean it can't be damaged - defend against dings and scratches from other cars, pesky pets and vermin, and dust and grime.

As with most things, there are a plethora of covers out there, but they all pale in comparison to the Gold Shield 5L, which is the ideal companion for your car. With five layers of protection, this car cover excels in putting your vehicle's finish, paint, and safety first.

Will a car cover fit my car?

Absolutely. Every single car cover from will fit your vehicle snugly thanks to the elastic lining in the front and back, as well as buckles and straps to ensure an even tighter fit. Whether you have a compact car, a saloon, sports car, SUV, or sedan, each car cover will fit snug as a bug.

With the added antenna patch, lock, and cable that come included as standard with the Gold Shield 5L, you can get an even tighter and more secure fit, with the added benefit of theft protection.

How do I install a car cover?

Car cover installation is easy, and every cover from can be installed by one person in under 30 seconds. Simply position the cover over your car with the front side facing you (this will be identified by a tag, logo, or label). Position the cover at the front, then smoothly pull the cover towards the back. When you reach the antenna, mark the spot.

Then, use your free antenna patch that comes with the purchase of your cover and make a small cut on the market spot where your antenna can pass through. Keep the cut as small as possible to prevent leakage, then place the patch to seal and protect.

If you've purchased the Gold Shield 5L, use your free cable lock set to fully secure your vehicle. The cable lock set includes a cable, lock, and a key. All our car covers come with two grommet holes in the bottom, middle, and sides. The cable should be threaded through the loop at one end and securely fastened to itself at the opposite end, then passed beneath the vehicle through the other grommet. Then, secure it in place with the lock and keep the key safe.

Finally, extend the cover over both bumpers, and you're good to go.