Top 10 most dangerous roads in the United States

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The Dalton Highway in Alaska, the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado, and the Federal Highway 4 in Florida are beautiful roads, but they also have the highest accident and mortality rates due to their dangers. Anyone who has set foot on these roads feels both the fear and the strange beauty of them. Are you brave enough and enjoy the thrill of every step on an uneven road? Then, check-in immediately to these 10 most dangerous roads in the United States with Carcover!

Let's explore the 10 most dangerous roads in the US with Carcover!

1. Dalton Highway, Alaska

At the top of the list of the 10 most dangerous roads in the United States is the Dalton Highway. It is considered a nightmare for drivers because this road stretches for about 640 km, passing through the Yukon River and many desolate forests. The most terrifying aspect of this route is that there are almost 400 km without any gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or other basic services. Furthermore, this road also contains many warning signs for steep slopes and snow avalanches. Therefore, if you plan to travel to the United States and rent a car to explore, you should stay away from this road.

In winter the Dalton highway becomes even more dangerous

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2. Federal Highway 45, Houston, Texas

In 2016, during a survey, analysts were astonished to discover that for every 100 miles of Federal Highway 45 in Houston, there were approximately 6.5 fatal accidents. This number is the reason why Federal Highway 45 became the second most dangerous road in the United States.


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3. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

The Million Dollar Highway is a road that passes through three high mountain ranges up to 3,048 meters, it's both winding and lacks guardrails. The scariest part is the road frequently has winds that pass through steep rock faces. Explaining the name Million Dollar of this road, many locals recount that a female tourist once claimed "you have to pay her a million dollars to drive her back on this road."

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, many people are still afraid of this million dollar road

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4. Federal Highway 15, Nevada

Federal Highway 15 is a nearly 300-kilometer stretch of road that connects two famous cities, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This road was ranked as the deadliest road in the United States in 2010. Particularly, a recent study showed that in a 15-year period, the number of fatalities on this highway reached 1,069 people. The danger of this highway lies in the fact that it traverses through remote rural areas.


5. Highway 2, Montana

Montana is known as one of the most dangerous states for drivers, as they must maintain a speed limit of around 113 km/h through mountainous roads. In addition, this highway is located far from town centers, so in the worst-case scenario, if you have an accident on the road, you will have to walk to a station or wait nearly 80 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

The scary thing about Highway 2, Montana is that it's so remote

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6. Federal Route 10, Arizona

The highway that crosses from Phoenix to the California border is about 240 km long and particularly dangerous as drivers have to navigate through the desert. The vast deserts are filled with sand, making it easy on most days, but extremely perilous during times of high winds. According to statistics, an average of 85 people die each year while traveling on this stretch of road.


7. National Highway 1, Florida

One of the most dangerous roads in the United States is National Highway 1 in Florida. The road has a frighteningly high rate of fatalities (around 1,079 people have died on the road in the past 10 years).

On rainy days, this road becomes one of the notorious death roads

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8. Federal Highway 4, Florida

According to statistics, over the past 6 years, on Federal Highway 4 in Florida, there is an average of 1.41 deaths per 1.6 kilometers. This road spans 213 kilometers and is a nameless fear for anyone who wants to travel on it. Sincere advice for you is that if you are not truly skilled or experienced in driving, you should not attempt to cross this deadly road.


9. Federal Highway 285, Atlanta

Based solely on statistics from 2013, the number of fatal accidents on Federal Highway 285 in Atlanta is enough to make many people shudder (there were 3.5 accidents per 16 kilometers). The road is dangerous due to its many curves, heavy traffic, and the presence of many trucks on the expressway.

The road has quite a lot of traffic

10. Highway 17, South Carolina

Highway 17 in South Carolina is known as a beautiful road because it is surrounded by many cool, green trees but also has many blind curves. Moreover, many wild animals such as deer, elk, and mountain lions may suddenly appear in front of your car.


Above are the 10 most dangerous roads in the US. We do not encourage you to go there, but if you are curious, you can try to experience and tell us if it is really as scary as they say... Come to the United States once to experience these mysteries.

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