Not all outdoor car covers are created equally. It's time to answer your questions with the best tips for buying a suitable outdoor car cover right now. You don't have to settle for less and luckily, you don't have to break a bank to afford the best of car covers either. Read the full entry here.

With so many outdoor car covers on the market today, it can seem rather difficult to pinpoint exactly what drivers and car owners might need from their car cover when it comes to outdoor protection. Fortunately, the decision on what makes the best outdoor car cover isn't necessarily a hard one. It just requires a few considerations before taking the plunge and parting with hard-earned cash.


The location of where the car is being parked and indeed where the car cover is being used should be one of the top concerns for car owners. A cool, shady spot will have different requirements to one that's used for on-street parking in the hot, blistering sun. Similarly, a car cover that's going to be used for an outdoor car port will be different than one that's exposed completely to the elements.

When considering the location, drivers should consider the amount of direct sunlight exposure that a vehicle will see on a regular basis. UVA and UVB rays are not only harmful for human skin, but also for vehicles as they can fade premium paint finishes and can create an appearance similar to a burn. A thicker, more heavyweight solution is better for those vehicles that have more direct exposure – those vehicles that have some degree of protection may favour a lightweight car cover.


The amount of use a car cover is going to see on a regular basis should also be a top consideration. Users who are going to regularly put their car cover on and off their vehicles will likely prefer a lightweight option simply because they're a lot easier to use than heavyweight car covers. However, they shouldn't be quick to choose a lightweight car cover just because it's the more convenient option if it's going to sacrifice protection value elsewhere.


The type of weather a car cover is going to be exposed to should also be considered, but it's difficult to predict weather changes over time and these changes might need owners to change their car cover entirely. Owners can do themselves a favor first by choosing a car cover from who provide a lifetime warranty that ensures the car cover will remain durable throughout its usable life. This does quite a lot to alleviate some concerns when it comes to changing weather patterns. However, the tried and tested thought remains true: owners should choose a heavyweight cover for harsher weather conditions; wintertime storage; and stormy areas. Lightweight covers are suitable for more consistent conditions.